About Tommy in the Attic

In 1996 Steeve Gilmore (Tommy) formed the band ”Mizart” and recorded 2 albums; one in 1997 ‘Les plaines d’abraham’ and in 1998 ‘Take two’ They opened for Paul Piché, Les frère à ch’Val, and Sylvain Cossette and won the contest ‘la nouvelle fournée’ at the Festival des Mongolfières de St-Jean sur Richelieu in 1998.

Steeve Gilmore worte 2 full scale Musicals; ‘L’oeil de l’homme in 2000 which was produced it in May 2001 and In 2014 wrote and composed ”The call of the alley” (the Musical), based on 5 songs previously composed for the band ‘Chicago on the Moon”.

In 2002 he composed songs from the Cabaret Jazz repertoire adding to it a touch of rock and formed the band ‘Chicago on the moon’. They won the contest son9 in Verdun in 2003 and played the Band version Chicago on the Moon at the Club Soda in 2003


From 2005 to 2010 he wrote different styles and experimented with music. Re-arranged, re-scored and translated the french Musical ‘L’oeil de l’homme’ in English that became the Musical ‘In the heart of the clone’.

Tommy in the Attic emerged from a summary of all this Rock-Musical quest, of being stuck in a social conditioning context which promisses to reveal a darker side of the modern human experience seeking to save himself searching for his own for light. A blend of Rock and Theatricals with existantialist themes under a modern area of atmosphere, a cross link between Tim Burton and Batman.

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